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We are honoured for the recognition. We are a passionate team trying to do the best we can. We see our customers as part of our family and try hard to give them amazing cars at great prices. Look forward to you joining the family

We have an extremely strong team working very hard to do this. We have a multi stage process to evaluate our cars in detail to check for quality. Only the best cars make it through.

Sorry for not having it at the moment. Request you to write to us to share what you are looking for. We will have it soon specifically for you

Sure, please contact us through the contact option of your choice and let us know your requirement. We are happy to do a video call if you prefer and give you a virtual test drive.

Sure, very happy to. Our experts would make it easier for you to choose. Please let us know a good time to host you / call you.

Sure we can. However, if you are from another state, this wouldn't be possible.


We believe the biggest value that we provide to our customers is with a thorough vehicle inspection. We understand this business well. Our team is passionate, experienced and skilled to do this comprehensively. We have a strong process set which eliminates the non best. Here you can find more details on our inspection process. https://precarmart.com/inspection

You most definitely can. We are thorough and professional with our work. However, in a very rare case, if there is a mismatch, we will own up and either take the car back at no cost or invest on the car to fix it.

You could visit us at our showroom. We will be delighted to host you. Please confirm with us before you visit on where the car is located. If you prefer, we can arrange a home test drive at a nominal fee. However, if you wish to see multiple cars, it will be easier for you to visit the showroom and try all of them at once and compare.

We wish we could charge you nothing for a test drive. But commuting tens of kilometers through the crowded city takes a lot of money, effort and time. If you could bear some part of that, it will be easier for us.

We totally understand, you are welcome. Please bring him/her with you to our showroom.

Never. We don't cut corners. We are very proud of the kind of cars we sell. High Quality. Which is what we are known for, we will never dilute that. We sell only those cars which we are happy to buy for our own personal use.


Please visit our showroom / reach out to our sales team. The sales team will help you through the process. Once the token payment for the car is paid, the sales team does the booking documentation and the car will be booked in your name for a few days till full payment is received.

You will be given up to 7 days to make the balance payment towards the car.

PAN and Aadhar of the registered to-be owner of the car are required. If you want to apply for a loan, more documents are required around your income (pay slips, IT returns), assets if any (own house proof), address proof etc.

Rs 50,000 is the minimum booking token.

Yes, However, booking cancellation unfortunately attracts a small cancellation fee.

Always happy to host you, however if it's convenient, you could do the formalities from home.


We have a strong partnership with top banks and NBFCs which allows for a seamless process, quick approvals, higher financing and attractive rates.

Interest rates are decided by the banks/NBFCs who will provide the loan. The interest rate generally mostly depends on your credit history and profile.

At the time of booking, if you share your interest with the sales team, they will connect you to the finance team who will handhold you through the process and get you the required amount in quick time.

Yes, that's a very good idea. We could do most of the processing now itself and be ready for a quick disbursal once you decide on the car.

Sure, please contact us through the contact option of your choice and let us know your requirement. Or you could drop your details on our website and we will take care of the rest.


We can do this in most cases. However, in some cases we may need a little bit more time to do all our final checks and keep it ready for delivery.

Yes, however we can deliver the car only after realization of the cheque/DD.

Our preferred modes of payment are the electronic means such as NEFT/RTGS/IMPS/UPI.

Delivery process takes 30min-60min. We request you to come with some free time on your hands so we could celebrate this event with you.

Once the full payment is confirmed by our accounts team, our sales team helps you with documentation. In parallel, our delivery team is doing the final final checks and getting it ready for delivery. After the documentation, we go ahead towards the car waiting for you and celebrate the delivery

After Sale

Yes. Unlike a fridge or a TV, a car needs to be registered with the RTO. There is something called as the Registration Certificate for every car which has important details of the car and of the owner of the car.

Yes. We take care of registration completely and ensure a smooth registration process without you having to run around RTOs or other offices.

Our team is very efficient and we try to finish the registration formalities quickly. However, once we apply at the RTO, processes at the RTO take some time to complete.

You receive the registration certificate with your name as the owner of the car.

Every vehicle needs to have a running insurance which protects the owner from the unfortunate damages that may be caused. This document has the details of the insurance, the car and the owner of the car. Once the change of ownership of the car is completed on the registration certificate, you will need to speak to the insurance company to change the name of the owner on the insurance policy as well.

Definitely. We are always there for you, the relationship only starts at delivery. Please call/write to us on the contact options mentioned on the website and we will be right on it. You can also reach out to the relationship managers you have been in touch with. Or, please visit us at our showrooms and we are always waiting to host you.

Yes, we will hand over to you a detailed warranty booklet which will have information of the things that are covered or excluded along with details of the claim process.

If you have a well maintained car, you can use our website or other contact options to inform us that you wish to sell. Our team will reach out to you to discuss a few details. This will be followed by a physical inspection of the car. If we like the condition of the car, we will make an excellent offer for the car, complete the documentation, make the full payment and pick up the car from you at your convenience.

  • Original Registration Certificate (RC) of the car
  • ID proofs of the registered owner
  • Insurance Copy
  • Original and Duplicate keys
  • The following are necessary as well, however if you don't have at all, we can make an exception
  • Manual Book
  • Service bills

Payment will be made before the pick up. Only after you confirm that payment is received by you, we take hand over of the car from you.

We make payments only through electronic transfer options such as NEFT/RTGS/IMPS.

We do home pick ups and no hidden fees will be charged.

No, the car will be purchased only after clearing any existing loans on the car.

Not to worry, our team will co-ordinate with you and your bank to help you close the loan and sell the car through a very smooth transaction.

You can reach out to us through any of the convenient options listed on our contact page on the website. Or you could always visit us at your nearest store, we are open almost on every day of the year.