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How We Choose Only
The Best

We choose our cars with an underlying sense of 'it would be our primary family car'. This helps us to check the car rigorously in every aspect. We eliminate the risk of customers with stringent selection criteria through which only a handful of cars make it for every batch of cars we inspect.

Multistage Inspection Process

Every car we sell passes 3 stages of deep inspection. In the first stage we check if any major damages or accidents have occured. In the 2nd stage, we check entire 194 points for detailed vehicle evaluation. In the 3rd stage, we redo the 1st two stages to be doubly sure. In the next stage the vehicle's service records are carefully studied to evaluate its maintenance. In parallel, a detailed document and background inspection happens to ensure paperwork is all clear.


Every car goes through several levels of physical inspections by multiple trained technicians to ensure we sell only the best. This involves a detailed evaluation of parts and features around the car through physical inspections and road test drives.
Here is our 194 point inspection check list

Documentation Check

We check various documents related to the car to ensure a smooth ownership transfer without any hassles. We work closely with several institutions to ensure a detailed background check is conducted on every car. This is an extremely important step of our multiple stage evaluation process and a significant percentage of incoming cars are eliminated at this stage.

Service Records Inspection

We work closely with service stations to study service records of the car. Our team is trained to analyze these records and does a thorough evaluation.

We don't buy cars that are not maintained well or not serviced periodically.

Delivery Process

At the time of delivery, a dedicated team works super hard to ensure the car shines, smiles and is excited to go home with you. Before it is handed over from this team, an independent team conducts a pre-delivery-inspection to finally let the car meet you.

Our Customerson quality